The four rotational speeds of the stirrer, the ability to set the desired temperature, the perfect management of half a load and the electronic control make ICY-P 70 an extremely flexible product.

The structure is entirely made of stainless steel aisi 304, specific for food, and has a very thick, although compact, self-supporting frame.

1 – It’s System modulates the cooling capacity according to the different requirements of the pasteurization, cooling and ice cream preservation phases, thus ensuring great energy savings.
2- A simple and intuitive keyboard makes programming fast by setting the temperature up to 90° and two distinct programs, one for a full load (up to 70 L) and another for a half load.
3- It’s mechanics is managed by an electronic control system that constantly monitors the operations: this entails less maintenance and increases the life cycle of the machine over time.
4- The pasteurization cycle is very fast, thanks to the use of highly resistant electrical resistors and to the four rotational speeds of the stirrer.
5- The lid that closes ICY-P 70’s pasteurization tank can be quickly released without using tools, thus allowing you to wash it quickly and easily to ensure total hygiene.

Power Supply 400/50/3
Power 6 KW
Condensation Water
Hourly Production 25-60 KG
Capacity 70 LT
Load Cycle 30-70 LT
Widht 42 Cm
Depth 83 (+10) Cm
Height 106 (+8) Cm
Weight 185