ICY-DF480 is an ice-cream freezer display has been designed to display and preserve sorbets and ice-creams on a stick. The static refrigeration is especially suitable for the conservation of artisanal ice-cream: it has a low cost, it doesn’t dry the product and it enables to be defrost only once every 72 hours and only once a week during the low season eliminating energy waste.

The popsicle display freezer is equipped with ice-cream display trays.

ICY ice-cream freezer display is suitable in 2 sizes:

•ICY 150 cm: 5 displays trays – capacity 480 popsicles
•ICY 200 cm: 7 displays trays – capacity 672 popsicles

The inner body is split into two compartments:

•Upper compartment: completely visible through glass panels (display area).
•Lower compartment:hidden by dividing panels (storage area).

ICY’s refrigerated showcase has been manufactured to furnish ice-cream parlours, pastry shops and cafés who wish increase their business offering to the customer artisanal ice-creams and sorbets on a stick.